...one camera, 3 UFOs (most especially my half-finished February Lady Sweater), a box of oddment yarn, and one hat. I've pretty much finished going through the boxes and bags that made it to the apartment, and I believe those are the items I remember packing but can't find.

Last time I moved I was super-organized and made a list for each box of what was in it, numbered the boxes, etc. Of course, last time I moved I was moving the whole house at once, and we were using movers. This time it was us throwing stuff in the car and making multiple trips, so it was a rather different system!

So I don't know if there's a box/bag that got left at the house, or if there's something hiding here that hasn't been unpacked, or what. I'll go by the house sometime next week, so I guess we'll find out then! There's a chance most of the knitting items are in a box that might have stayed in the basement, but the camera is a mystery. Plus, it's annoying, as I've actually had time today that could have been used for taking pictures of projects, new fibers, etc. Oh well!

Oh, and in other news...I wasn't actually able to cut the cord with school after all! Starting next week I will be taking on a part-time position as "Acting Vice Principal." I'll be at the school 2 days/week (consecutive days, so I'll just make the round trip drive once a week), and then working from home occasionally beyond that. It's a bit of an experiment--first, if being part-time will allow me to keep up with the responsibilities; second, if someone with no training or qualifications should be a VP; and third, if some of the work of a VP can be done virtually! But the current VP (who is full time) is leaving at the end of January, and they really wanted me to take over. It's flattering to have earned that level of trust, and I had wanted to stay involved at the school somehow--so I'm going to give it a try.

Well, since I have no photos, I won't bore you by describing current projects or anything. Maybe the camera will turn up tonight and I'll get around to showing off some other goodies! Oh, that reminds me...the camera was packed up with its printer dock, which I also haven't found. But that's a clue, so it's time to start hunting. :-)


Kate said…
I bet it's at the bottom of the last box you look in. :-) I suspect I still have boxes full of mystery in the loft yet to be unpacked, and I've lived here for over four years now..!

Hope the new job goes well. :-)

x x x