And in other news

This is more of an update post, no fiber arts here. Just in case there are some non-knitting friends & family out there checking in to see what's going on!

First up, I received quite the BIG birthday present yesterday...we bought a house! We'd been looking for a few weeks and had seen some good properties, but we lucked into finding a really great place this week and reached an agreement on it last night. The market here seems to really be heating up--a lot of the properties we looked at sold at or above asking price, and some went to multiple offers. We feel really lucky to have been able to get our offer in before anyone else started bidding for it, because there was a lot of activity on the house it's first day on the market.

I haven't taken any pictures myself yet, but I think this link will get you to the pictures in the listing. If it doesn't work, maybe I'll get some pictures myself next week!

We don't move in until the end of May, so we'll be stuck living condo life for 2+ months still. But I think I can take it, knowing the end is in sight--and knowing that we have such a great house to go to! I especially love the outdoor space--the wooded lot, the deck, the patio, the fact that it backs onto a trail (that's not a road in the pictures, it's a walking trail!). There's just a small front yard to mow, but plenty of space for planting out back, and maybe a container veggie garden on the deck where there will be lots of sun. Of course, the St. Jacobs farmers market is a short walk from the house, so I don't really NEED to grow my own veggies!

In other news...I just learned today that I'm going to be chaperoning a school trip to Honduras in 2 weeks! We send our grade 11 students every year on a service trip to an orphanage there, but this year one of the regular chaperones had to pull out for medical reasons. (She's OK, but her doctors have suggested that she shouldn't be heading to the third world right now.) She asked me to fill in for her, so I'm scrambling to get ready for that now. (vaccinations, etc.) It should be a really great experience, I've actually thought before how great it would be to go--although the timing isn't great. I'll get back 2 days before the closing date on the house we're moving out of! Under the circumstances, we plan to pay movers to do as much of the work as possible (including packing).

OK, I think that's all the big stuff. I'm on "vacation" for a bit longer, although still doing some telecommuting. Plus, most of my time off now will go to planning for the move and the trip. But I'm still squeezing in some craft time, and might have more pictures before I flee the country. Watch this space! :-)


Unknown said…
The house is gorgeous! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
That's a beautiful house! Congrats x 10,000,000.
Jinann said…
Congratulations! The house looks gorgeous! I'll bet you're excited beyond words!