Back from Mexico

I can't believe February went by without a single post here. My excuse will have to be my Mexican vacation, I guess...even though we were only gone for 1 week. We returned this past Friday from a fabulous week of sunshine in the Mayan Riviera. It was the first time we've done a real sun vacation like this, and I can understand the appeal. It was so nice to just sit and relax and get WARM!

I won't post all the photos here, they are up on my Facebook though, if anyone is dying to see them. (And if you're not on Facebook and are still dying to see them, I can email you the link if you want!)

I've added a few new yarns to the etsy shop lately. I'm particularly proud of this singles yarn, Mandy:

And also in BFL, Sumac:

Both are soft and delicious! :-)

Oh, and the Hello Yarn "Buckland" chain-ply featured in January did NOT go to the became this hat:
I love the way the colours worked out in this, and it's SO soft. I can't believe it's Finn, the last Finn I spun wasn't nearly this soft. The pattern (Ravelry link) was perfect for handspun with long colour changes like this, and was a really quick finish. Just what I needed to get my knitting game back!

Now it's time to get back to real work...I think in a week away from school I have some email to catch up on, before I report back in person tomorrow. Plus all the housework, laundry, etc. that pile up after a vacation!


Anonymous said…
Don't know if you'd be interested, but the AY forum isn't running anymore, but a new one has been started at if you fancy coming & joining some old friends
Jinann said…
Beautiful yarns!

Love the hat!