Building Business

In anticipation of the "expansion" of my etsy shop when I get dye space in the new house (1 week away!! Woot!), I've been spending some time lately working on ways to promote the shop a bit more. I think it's a hard time of year to be selling yarn, wool, and wool products--but if I can build a base now, I might be in good shape when fall comes around.

To that end, today I discovered the Stone Soup Challenge, which is a really neat idea. Everyone who signs up pledges to spend a certain amount of their etsy (or other craft site) profits on fellow artists. This is basically what I do anyways, since at this point my shop is about feeding my craft habit, not about making a real profit. In fact, most months I spend in excess of what I'm taking in--hopefully the ability to dye things myself will start to change that, though! I am looking forward to using this challenge to find some new etsy stores to shop from, though--and when I do, I pledge to mention them here for a bit more promotion.

I'm also working on a bit of advertising, and just in general trying to increase my visibility so people can find the shop. Oh, and this summer I have plans to start selling some of my yarns through a few brick-and-mortar shops. I think there are a few places in ON I can sell them, and I have at least one interested store in the US, so that's super exciting! I'm not sure I can produce fast enough to sustain a lot of LYS business, but I'll take it slow and see how it goes.

Of course, all of this promoting is taking away time from the creating. Maybe I'll get back to that this afternoon!


Anonymous said…
Yay for you! Good luck with the shop expansion.