Fun with Fringe

One of the frustrating things I have found about weaving is figuring out how to best finish a project off. I understand there are entire books of finishing techniques for weaving, and it's probably about time that I look them up and learn some new ideas. At my weaving class, we learned to do twisted fringe, as seen here:

Our instructor had a neat little gizmo for twisting the fringe, but it isn't terrible hard to do my hand, so I've finished a lot of my scarves that way.

Even easier is just doing simple knots:

I could swear that I once just left the fringe completely "as is" with no knotting or twisting, but I can't find any photos that show that, so maybe I made that up.

However, I will admit that these options left me wanting more. I thought there must be more ways to finish a scarf, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out what they would be. Then I saw a picture of someone else's finished work on Ravelry, in which she had tied a cool pattern of knots into the fringe. I knew right away that I wanted to do it, so I proceeded to Google. Lo and behold, I found this fabulous reference.

And now I have this cool triple-knotted fringe:

I have to say, this left me very excited, and I am now in search of even more ways to finish my fringe. Got an idea for me? Please let me know!