Getting Creative

This week has been all about getting inspired by other people, and putting those inspirations into my own designs. Just a bit of creativity peeking out!

First, last weekend's big weaving project--not quite in its finished state, but as close as it gets right now:
It's a woven bag. Warp & handles are MiddleEarthKnitters sock yarn in "The Ents", and the weft is Hello Yarn Club combed top in "Peat." It was woven in one piece, and I've done some rough seaming to assemble it. My inspiration was a woven pillow that I saw on Ravelry made out of HY roving, and then a bag design from Handwoven. It needs a lining to make it a bit more sturdy, but my sewing machine is in storage for another 2 weeks, so I can't do too much more with it. But it is SO SOFT!!

Then yesterday I got very inspired by a question on one of the Rav forums. A few years ago I tried to find some patterns for UNC dishcloths, but didn't find one. I made a few of my own, and kept some notes, but never organized them. After a request from someone on Rav for this type of pattern, I dug my notes back out. Today I made the Tarheel version:

I've written up the pattern and hope to be uploading it to Ravelry soon in case anyone else wants to make one! I'm also hoping to get around to a design for one with the interlocking NC logo, so we'll see how that goes.

And finally, there is the sock design I'm working on. Not much to show off right now:
But it's growing fast, so I'll have the first one done soon. I'm combining bits and pieces from 3 sources here--a stitch pattern I found on Ravelry, a heel from Cat Bordhi, and pedicure/flip-flop toes from another pattern. We'll see how it all works out!

Oh, and guess what? Next weekend the K-W Knitters Guild is hosting Cat Bordhi. I'll be going to her Sunday workshop, which is "Dancing Along New Pathways"--apparently we get to play around with Cat and come up with new ways to make socks. Sounds exciting, and I'm thinking it will only further fuel my creativity!


Cinders said…
your woven bag is fabulous.