So much news, so little time

So we did successfully move into the new house (if by successful you mean that ourselves and our possessions are in the building. If unpacking and getting organized are required to achieve success--give me another month!). And I survived the end of school year stuff, although it was quite a slog to the finish. Oh, and I feel like I spent all of June on the road--visiting Michigan, Denver, and working a few extra days in London. I'm sure some other stuff happened too, but by now it would be old news!

So what's the plan for the summer? Three main goals, in any order:
1) Develop the etsy shop more: Expand the stock, promote the shop, consider selling wholesale, etc.
2) Fix up the house: Finish the unpacking, organize the wool & office space, fix up the outside space to enjoy this summer (deck needs to be stripped & refinished, we need a new BBQ, etc.!)
3) Seriously consider the next step career-wise. I'm thinking of taking my Principal's Qualification courses, because there were things about administration that I enjoyed. But I'm also considering other ideas, and still harboring the dream that Waterloo Wools will just take off! :-)

And for some photo content today, it's back to goal #1. I have decided to have regular shop updates every Tuesday (and if it's a busy week, maybe other days too--but we'll start with Tuesday). I have created a flickr set for my first regular update, which will happen tomorrow. I tried to create colourways that relate to Ontario tourist attractions. I had grand ideas in my head about how they should look--some turned out better than others. My surprise favourite is:

Monarch Migration Falklands
Monarch Migration in Falklands.

Stop by the flickr set, or visit the shop for the update tomorrow and let me know your favourite item!