All I Need to Know...

...I learned from Amy King. For those of you not completely immersed in the world of spinning, Amy King is the woman behind Spunky Eclectic, a fabulous fiber store in Maine (and online)! She is also the author of Spin Control, and in September she was a guest teacher at the Spinning Loft in Michigan.

Even though it was the weekend of the Knitters' Fair in Kitchener, I signed up for both the Friday & Saturday classes and am very glad I did. I feel like I've known Amy for a while from Ravelry, but this was my first time meeting her in person. She's just as funny--and wise--in person as online. She taught us several of the techniques in the book, and at the end of the weekend I left with these sample skeins:

OK, you can't see much of what's going on there, so let me show you two of my favorites. First, the bobble yarn:
Is that not cool?? OK, you wouldn't want to knit a whole big project with it (and if you did, it would take a LOT of fiber!), but it's so much fun. The only problem was that the bobbles were too big to easily slide through the orifice on my wheel--or on most other people's. But I have plans to deal with that!

And the marled yarn:

which knits up like this:

The marled yarn seems practical AND fun to me, so I'm working on perfecting that so I can start selling some in the shop. Two I've tried this week:

Boy or Girl?

Excuse the bad photos on a few of these, the sun hasn't been out much lately. That's all for today, but in my next installment--look out for what else I left the Spinning Loft with! :-)


Jane Sr. said…
Wow, those are some interesting yarns and stuff...I love the cranberry orange.