Going Batty

As I mentioned before, I left the Spinning Loft with more than just all my fun & funky sample yarn. Of course, I scarfed up some fabulous fibers (There was some to-die-for black merino, among others). But I also came home with some new toys.

This one I was pretty sure I was going to get before I got there:
Schacht Ladybug wheel! No regrets at all so far, I'm really loving her. Interestingly, I had expected that my Symphony would still be my "workhorse" wheel, better for laceweights and high yardage. But the Ladybug can churn out some pretty fine yarns at a pretty high speed. And its smaller footprint works well in our smaller family room, especially now that we have the dog. (Oops, first blog mention of the dog? OK, picture time!)

That's Melody, 65 pounds of beautiful Samoyed from the Michigan rescue group. I certainly have plenty more to say about her, but I'm trying to stay on topic today.

And that's the other toy, there--my new Strauch Petite Carder. I'd been pondering a drum carder for a little while, especially since seeing what some people have done when they "batterized" some hand dyed fibers from Spunky Eclectic and elsewhere. So I brought home this new toy, too.

It's had a bit of a learning curve to it, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Something clicked a few days ago, and I started cranking out lots of batts:

Some of these will be among my upcoming Phat Fiber samples. And one set will be listed in my shop by the end of the day today as my first for-sale batts:
Those are 2 batts in "Dreamsicle" that will be sold as a set. I'm off to weigh & measure now so that I get the vital stats right, then they will be for sale. They are very thoroughly blended and super soft, and I think any spinner would enjoy them.


Your batts are gorgeous!

... Have to focus on the dog, though. OMG what a beautiful, beautiful girl.