More about Melody

So when I posted the teaser picture of our new dog (Melody), I think I promised to tell you a little more--and to share a few more photos of Her Cuteness. Because my brain isn't feeling up to a technical fiber-related post right now, I'm going to do that today!

Some background: our last dog (Magic) was a Samoyed. He was my family dog and then became my dog, and was a total sweetheart. We had him for 13 or 14 years until he couldn't walk anymore--that was a bit over 3 years ago. This was mostly before we owned a digital camera, so the only electronic photo I have of him is this one:
Yeah, that's us curled up on the couch, both sound asleep, with the moving boxes stacked in the background.

After some time passed, we knew we would want another dog (probably another Sammie), and wanted to go through a rescue group to get one. A fenced yard was a requirement, though, and at the time our next door neighbors' houses were still under construction so it wasn't a great time to put up the fence. We finally got a fence put up, and then we realized that we were probably going to be moving soon--so another delay.

And that was wise, because for a while we were living in 2 different cities with lots of commuting back and forth, and even when I moved to Waterloo we were in a condo and both gone long hours. Would not have been a nice life for a dog. Anyway, we finally got into the house this summer, and had a fence put up soon after--and before that was even done, I started scouring rescue sites to see if I could find a good fit for us.

The Sammie rescue group in Michigan had a few dogs, one of which sounded like a good fit, so we agreed that while I was down there visiting my mom I would also go meet Melody. Here's a picture from that first meeting:

She was a bit shy and stressed, I think, but was clearly very sweet. We were able to learn a bit about her--she's 5 years old, and (along with her "brother", Mozart) was surrendered to a shelter in Kentucky. We don't know why the family gave them up--they both seemed well cared for, and had been with this family for their whole lives, so we are assuming it was some kind of hard times. So sad--I can't imagine having to give up my dog because of money or a move, it would be heart breaking. Anyway, I went home so we could talk it over, and we agreed that we would like to adopt her. We had a big trip planned, so we agreed that we would pick her up when we returned. And the rest is history.

But, just so you can share my joy, here are a few more photos! :-)

When we first brought her home, she made this face every time the camera came out:
She still makes that face sometimes, but we're finding her a bit more relaxed, so eventually we started to get some photos with her ears up where they belong!

Like this one, hanging on the couch with my mom.

And this is her on the loveseat that she has claimed as hers:
We get the big couch, and she gets the little one. Sometimes she curls up really tiny on it, and other times she sprawls out like this. Beware--if you come to visit and are wearing black, don't sit on the loveseat. Really, coming to my house wearing black is dangerous no matter where you sit, though. The fur sticks to everything!


bea's blog said…
Hei from Europe!
Your Melody is a beauty and I think its good that you adopted a rescued dog. Mine is a rescued as well - from Iraq resp. Turkey!
If you like you can visit our doggy blog at:! Welcome!!
Love Canada; was very often in Ontario...
Monika said…
What a lovely fur ball!