Dyeing Follow up (and some food!)

OK, first the picture of the finished roving I blogged about last week:

This particular roving won't be in the shop, as it was for a wholesale order. But if you want some similarly purple yarn or fiber, let me know as I am happy to take custom orders! :-)

A few other words about the dyeing process, which I didn't cover last time:
1. Care should be taken in the mixing & handling of acid dyes. Read the directions that come with them and take appropriate precautions. These may include wearing a mask when mixing the dye powders and wearing gloves when dyeing.
2. Any vessel that you're using dyes in should NOT also be used for food. If you review my dyeing post and my older post on apple butter, you will see in the pictures that I have a separate crockpot for food. This also goes for other forms of dyeing with acid dyes--microwaves, pots, etc., should be either for food OR for dye.
3. I don't dye exclusively in crockpots. The other method I use most frequently is really well explained in this post by Diane Mulholland. This method is really great for handpaints where I don't want as much blending of the colours as I get in the crockpot.

There's probably more, but I can't think what. So if you still have any questions after my posts, let me know!

In a not-really-related note, my hands looked like this earlier this week:

Nope, that wasn't the result of forgetting gloves when dyeing (although it could be, so take my advice from above, please!). That was the result of peeling a bunch of beets to make this tasty borscht:

The recipe was from Tyler Florence, and I didn't make too many modifications. We enjoyed it quite a bit, despite the complaints from some reviewers that it wasn't "authentically Russian." To them, I say a) Russia is a big country and not everyone cooks the same and b) borscht is a general term from much of Eastern Europe, and doesn't mean the same thing everywhere. So get over yourselves and enjoy this tasty dish!

We served it with some homemade bread and a cabbage & carrot salad (OK, yeah, that's basically fancy coleslaw).

Oh, for best-ever bread, check out Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (and the new version, Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes). If you don't think you have time to bake good bread, these books might just change your mind.

I've been busy in the kitchen this week, because my next blog post will probably also be food--a recipe I created last night for a chicken, white bean, and sweet potato stew. Different, but SO good. Hopefully I'll have time to write that up tomorrow.


Kate said…
Mmmmm! Homemade bread. :-D

The colours of the roving are gorgeous, too.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the recipe tip, baked 3 loaves of bread last weekend, I'd forgotten how relaxing it is.