Phat Fiber Goodness

Several months ago I heard about this interesting idea called Phat Fiber. The idea is that indie dyers, spinners, and other artists contribute samples of their work each month. The samples are sold in boxes once a month. As an artist, it's neat because it gets your work into many hands at once. As a consumer, it's fun because you get to try lots of new artists' work without committing to a big purchase. You can buy from the ones you like, and if there are some that don't catch your fancy you're not really out much!

Anyway, I've found that quite a few people aren't familiar with Phat, so I wanted to take a few minutes today to showcase it. As a contributor, I get a "mixed box" each month (assuming I meet the minimum number of samples)--it's a combination of yarn AND fiber. As a customer, you can choose if you want one or the other, or a mixed box. Here's a shot of my mixed box from November:

Now, for a bit more detail:
Those are the yarns I got. My hope later is to come back with some links & details on them.

And those are the fibers. Again, details later, I hope!

Those are the goodies & other items in my box. Some months this includes patterns, orifice hooks, soap, tea, and other fun stuff. This month there was a lovely Christmas card from the family behind Phat Fiber, as well as stitch markers, a button, and some coupons.

The December boxes go on sale VERY soon. (To get the exact details, you have to sign up for the emails. This month's email has already been sent out, but I bet if you're extra nice to the fabulous people at Phat, they might be willing to pass it on to you!) I sent in 3 types of samples for December:
Hand-dyed yarn, "Golden Nebula"

Handspun yarn, "Star Formation"

Hand-dyed fiber, "Jupiter Storm." I have to say, this is one of my favorite colors. I have dyed some up for myself, and I also have 2 braids that are about to appear in the shop!

OK, I could probably drone on a bit more, but that's enough for you to get the idea, I think. I hope I've enticed a few new folks to go check it out!


Jane Sr. said…
I love the "star formation" it's beautiful...I hope one day I can do work as nice as yours!