Introducing Fiber & Yarn Clubs!

**Club sign-ups are now closed, so I am taking down the PayPal links. If you missed out, please let me know and I'll see if there's still space for you. And if there isn't, please come back in April and look for information on round 2 of the club!**

OK, as promised last week I have fiber & yarn clubs for you to join. We're going to start with two clubs--a sock yarn club and a spinning fiber club. Both will run 3 months for now, and hopefully will continue beyond that, too!

For the first three month cycle, I've picked a theme: "Seeing the World". Each month's colorway will be inspired by a photo from my personal travels (not necessarily one of the ones above!). I'll share the photo each month on the blog so you can see where the inspiration came from!

For the sock yarn club, all three months will be dyed on my Niagara sock yarn base (80% superwash merino/20% nylon). If there are supplier issues with this base, I'll substitute something of equal or greater value. One subscription gets you one 4 ounce skein (420 yards) each month.

For the fiber club, each month will be a different base fiber, all either wool or wool blend. I will only dye things I like to spin myself, and fibers will range from medium to super soft! One subscription gets you 4 ounces of fiber each month.

Both clubs will run from February to April 2010. Clubs will ship between the 10th and 15th of each month. Sign-ups are open until January 25!

I have created 3 options for each club: including shipping to the US, including shipping to the UK or in Canada, and local pick-up. If you need shipping to another location, please let me know and I can quote you a price and arrange that. Please note, local pick-up is NOT a delivery service. If you choose this, you must pick up your loot from me each month!

I've put a lot of thought into the best way to set up subscriptions, and I hope what I have done works for you. Instead of asking you to pay up front, I have set up recurring subscriptions for each option. These payments will come from your Paypal account (by whatever method you choose) each month on the same date. So if you sign up on January 18th, you will be billed on the 18th of each month for three months.

I can't set up this kind of subscription on Etsy--doing it there would require you to pay all three months in advance. So you'll have to use the buttons below to sign up for your subscription!

Questions? Leave a comment, tweet me (@WaterlooWools), Ravmail me (lligett), or convo me on Etsy!

Fiber Club (US Shipping), $18 USD per month

Fiber Club (Canadian or UK Shipping), $20 USD per month

Fiber Club (local pick-up), $13 CAD per month

Sock Yarn Club (US Shipping), $20 USD per month

Sock Yarn Club (Canadian & UK Shipping), $22 USD per month

Sock Yarn Club (local pick-up), $15 CAD per month