Pushing past my comfort zone!

Those of you who frequent my Etsy shop will probably have noticed that I tend toward certain colours in my dyeing--namely blue-greens and orange-reds. Even when I try to push myself in new directions, I always end up being lured back to these:
and this...

Well, this week I have been pushing past that a little bit in my dye pots! Here's a sneak peek at some roving in "Citrus Splash":
Now that's QUITE a change for me. Bright, yes? I'm not sure how often I'll do this colourway, but it's nice to know I CAN if people want it!

In the corner there you also see some yarn in the same colourway. Yesterday my new electric skein winder arrived, so I reskeined that yarn and grabbed a photo of it next to a non-reskeined version of the same dyelot (although on a different yarn base). Here you are:
yarns 096

Also in a fairly new colour development, I've been trying out some more pastel shades. For an example, we have "Unicorns":
yarns 077

OK, I know, that features some hints of blue-green. But it's a much less saturated colour than my norm, so I think it still counts as being out of my comfort zone.

I will confess that while dyeing these, I didn't completely branch out into new territory. There are still plenty of blue-greens and orange-reds leaving my dyepot, so those who are fans of the "traditional" colourways have no reason to fear.

And to those of you saying "I love these new colours, where can I get them?" Well, they are all part of an order that is being delivered this week to Shall We Knit. So go pay Karen & Lynne a visit next week and I'm sure they'll gladly help you find what you need!