Survey: Yarn & Fiber Club

OK, just a quick note for today--I'm still recovering from holiday madness & a cold, so a longer, photo-laden post will have to wait!

So, I have tossed around the idea of starting a yarn or fiber club in the past. However, for it to be a sustainable enterprise, I need to have some idea of how many customers I might have. Running a club may require me to open an account with a new supplier, among other possible expenses, so I need to test the waters before jumping in.

To that end, if you are interested in the possibility of joining a yarn or fiber club from Waterloo Wools, I'd appreciate it if you could take this survey for me to let me know your thoughts!

Please note the price options the survey include shipping charges to the US/Canada. There would probably be a supplement for any buyers overseas, and there would certainly be a discount to those of you local enough to pick up your yarn or fiber in person, so keep that in mind.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to leave me a comment asking. My cold medicine-addled brain may not be performing at peak form today!

Edit: Oops! I knew I forgot to say something. :-) I meant to explain that the questions about price are to help me decide what base yarns/fibers could be included in the club. All will be nice, of course, but more variety and/or luxury is available at a higher price point!

Also, I should have added that for fiber club, we'd be talking about 4 oz. rovings, and for yarn clubs we'd be talking about approximately 4 oz. skeins of whatever weight yarn. So, for sock or laceweight, it would be enough for a project.


Kate said…
I filled it in, although as I'm overseas, the "cost with shipping" choice probably doesn't allow for the extortionate postage costs of sending something over here. :-(

Even if it does prove to be too costly for me to join, can I still ogle your yarn? :-)