Sock Club Yarn Substitution

OK, the more detailed post about club is coming tomorrow--the one with the inspiration picture and story. But, some important news for those in the Sock Yarn club, if you haven't already seen my post in the Ravelry group:

I was just reskeining all the sock club yarn (not something I had planned on doing for club, but one was a bit tangly–and once I reskeined that one, I thought I owed you all the same courtesy!), and noticed that most of the skeins seemed different than my usual Niagara base. It seemed to have a bit more of a sheen, and be a bit less sproingy.

So I checked, and sure enough, there seems to have been some miscommunication with my supplier when I ordered the base yarn. The yarn they sent me is 100% superwash merino, without the added nylon that the Niagara base has. It is also a 2-ply, whereas the Niagara base is a 3-ply. It is lovely and soft and wonderful, but it is not the same. It is a yarn with a higher retail value than Niagara, so it does meet what I initially advertised (that if there was a supplier issue, I would substitute with a yarn of equal or higher value).

If anyone was really set on the Niagara base, please let me know. There is ONE skein dyed on Niagara (leftover from a past order). I can also order more, but there will of course be a delay of several weeks before it gets here & dyed–realistically, you would get your February and March yarns at about the same time, which is a LONG wait. However, I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. Please let me know!

Having said that, I really like the yarn this month, and I hope you all will, too. I am almost done with the reskeining and will ship them tomorrow!

Oh, and fiber folks, the fiber is unaffected by this. It also looks quite pretty–and very different from the yarn, despite being an identical colourway!