Spoiler Alert: Cave Diving

OK, February club is shipping today (local folks, contact me to arrange pick-up. I'm happy to bring it to Uptown Knit Mob on Thursday, but if you want it sooner let me know), so as promised, here is the inspiration photo:

That picture is from our 2009 trip to Mexico, in the Tulum area, at the entrance to the Dos Ojos cenote. Cenotes are underground bodies of water that have above ground access points, and what you see in this photo is the access point we used to enter the cave.

We snorkeled through the pool here at the entrance, and then dove down underneath a rock shelf to access a second cave, known as the "Bat Cave", where there were tons of bats on the ceiling. They're hard to make out, but I think this photo shows a few of the bats:

There were several really cool photos from this snorkeling trip, but I decided that photo at the top was my favourite, so I designed this month's colours off of it. I'm guessing that's not what most of you were picturing when I gave the "tropical" hint on Ravelry, was it? :-)