Getting Organized

Those of you who are local to me have probably seen my "studio" in various stages of disarray over the last few months as the business has grown. I'm lucky to have such a great space (it's where normal people would have their living room, but we also have a family room and don't need 2 sitting spaces), but I haven't been organized enough to take advantage of that.

This weekend, I decided it was time to change that:
March2 001
That's my new "storage wall"--dyed, finished objects are in the wire cubes, things I'm working on (personal knitting projects and stash to spin/knit, mostly) are in the white bins, and supplies for dyeing, carding, etc. are in the cardboard boxes--which have inventory lists taped to them!

The only real problem with this set up is my only workspace in the room is that one little desk. Since I need space to dye, card, label, and package things, this is not enough room. I'm searching for a folding table that I can also take to shows, but in the meantime there are plans to put an old door on some sawhorses and use that. I may even head out to the shed today to see if it's dry enough out to bring the old door in!

March2 002
The other side of the room is the equipment side right now--drying rack in the window, and both wheels and my loom against the wall. Generally, I do my spinning and weaving in the family room on the couch (in front of the TV), but I keep all the equipment here when not in use!

I'm hoping this organization lasts, and also that it improves my productivity. I didn't get quite as much done during the Ravelympics as I wanted, although I do have 2 medals to show for my efforts:

That one is for the spinning I did for my Oatmeal Cardigan. I still need to get a better picture of the finished skeins, but this was one of them on the bobbin:
February 16 034
It's Shetland, 2-ply, worsted weight. There are 3 huge 8 ounce skeins of it!

And the second one, by the skin of my teeth, was for writing my thrummed mitten pattern and test knitting a sample mitten:

knits 003knits 005
That's the inside and outside of "All Thrums." The pattern is available on Ravelry and is included in some mitten kits I am dyeing. The first mitten kits will be available at London Yarns, and I may make a few available in the Etsy shop as well.

Now, back to being organized and productive--I have club yarns & fibers to dry, and custom orders to create!


Unknown said…
Wow - look at that light! This looks great.
Jane Sr. said…
Looks awesome Lindsey! Much more room, and I too, am very jealous of all the light you get in there!