March Club: Paris Nights

It's club time once again! The clues I offered in the Ravelry group this month were "oh-la-la", followed by "famous landmarks." I really thought someone would guess what the photo was based on that, but no one has!

So, oh-la-la = France (OK, Francophones, try not to cringe--you try cluing France in a subtle way!). And famous landmarks in France? Well, I suppose there are a few, but I'm pretty sure this one stands out as number one:

I don't think this photo needs as much explanation as last month's! The Eiffel Tower is, after all, an icon. This photo is an old one (can you tell I had to scan it in, as it's pre-digital?), from a post-graduation trip with one of my best friends. Many memories from that trip all run together, I think in part because she was a checklist traveler--we had to see everything in the guidebook so she could check it off. I tend to have the opposite approach--although I like to plan A LOT for trips, once I'm there I'm willing to go with the flow and adapt my schedule to the circumstances. Interestingly, I think she's traveled a lot more now and probably has changed her style.

Anyway, the sunset over the Eiffel Tower is one of those things that the guidebook can't plan for you--you have to have good timing and the right weather for a view like this! We got lucky, and I think the moment was special enough that we were both able to pause and enjoy it.

This photo was an interesting challenge to capture on fiber/yarn. It's a bit different for me, but I had fun doing it!