Spoiled for Choice--Please Help!

I've been lucky enough lately to find some new yarn suppliers and get some new yarn bases from existing suppliers. So lucky, in fact, that I now have way too many yarn lines to choose from! I can't realistically carry them all, so I'm trying to decide what my customer base would be most interested in using so I order the right ones.

If you'd like to vote, please take the survey to let me know your thoughts. I've given fiber content, approximate yarn weight (based on yards per pound), yardage per 4 ounce skein, and retail price so you have some information to base your vote on. You can select as many yarns as you would be interested in seeing me carry from each category.

If you can believe it, the choices there represent me already eliminating some lines that I thought weren't good value for money or were too close to other options--the choices are just that great!

I haven't yet seen or touched most of these yarns. I do have samples coming, but because I'm prepping for the Knitter's Frolic in May I will probably need to order some of them without seeing samples first. They are from suppliers I know & trust, so I'm fairly confident in their quality--I just need to know what people are looking for.

I can't wait to hear what you all think. Thanks for your help! :-)