Following Up: Lots of Photos

OK, just a quick note to follow up on some things I've shared in recent posts. First, the natural dye experiments--after posting here, I tested all the samples for lightfastness by covering half the skeins with towels and putting the yarn out in bright sunlight for a few days. After that, I unrolled the samples and compared the covered part with the uncovered part. Most of the samples looked the same on both sides, except for the turmeric samples:

On the left is the sun-exposed side, on the right is the covered side. This surprised me, because turmeric is supposed to be light-fast, whereas the other ingredients I used were not all reported to be fast. These results were exposed to VERY intense sunlight, and probably would not be normal wear and tear on much knitwear. But the results are pretty surprising!

Next, a better picture from the "Fiber really does matter" post:
Again, all three of those fibers/yarns came from the same pan with the same dyes. Still amazes me to see them next to each other!

Finally, not so much a follow-up, but an exciting note. I'm in the process of getting ready for my booth at the Toronto Knitters' Frolic on May 8 (look for me UPSTAIRS!). This past weekend I picked up a new display wall for yarns and fibers:

I've also been working with my fabulous friends Julie & Galen from Communication Visual, and they have done some amazing graphics for me, including these great new yarn labels:

Now my customers can undo a skein to look at it without having to take the label off! And I've colour coded the labels by yarn weights to keep myself more organized, too. :-)


Anonymous said…
Oooh! I dare say we're getting a glimpse of the new logo on those labels, too -- can't wait to see in person!
Julie Lawson said…
Hey, the labels look great! Thanks for the plug :)