Club Reminder

Just a quick reminder to anyone out there who was planning to sign up for the yarn or fibre club in time to get the May shipment--today is the last day to do so!

Of course, if you don't sign up today you can still join at any time--but you won't get the May colourway. Sign-ups from May 2-June 1 will all receive June as their first month of club.

In other news, I have some awesome natural dye pictures to share soon--the results of my black bean dyeing, and a bit of avocado dyeing, too. The camera is once again being a bit cranky (battery charge seems to hold for about 5 pictures!), so I'm not quite ready to post--but look for it soon.

Oh, and another reminder--next Saturday (May 8) is the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto! Please look for my booth UPSTAIRS. Also, the Frolic is subject to Toronto's plastic bag regulation, so please bring reusable bags if possible. Booths will be charging 5 cents per plastic bag. I'm hoping to have paper bags, which I understand are not subject to the bag fee, but I haven't finalized that yet. I'll remind you all about the show at the end of the week, too, just to make sure you all have all the relevant details. :-)