Eating Seasonally: Double Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, & Tomato Omelette

Most of you are probably familiar with Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" campaign to reform eating habits. Well, on Twitter last week he announced that he would be starting "Food Revolution Fridays", where he would tweet ingredients and a link to a recipe. The idea is that people will try out the recipe at some point over the weekend.

I decided I would try it out, but then realized yesterday that I had missed the Friday tweet and went to go look for it. I was surprised to see it was a plain cheese omelette--so simple! We had a very elaborate dinner last night, so I thought simple food was perfect for tonight. Of course, I had to put a few twists into it. Also, I was really pleased because all the ingredients I used were local. It's nice to have a few local items of produce available, even if they're still coming from greenhouses right now.

Here was my ingredient list (this was for 2 people)
4 slices double smoked bacon (3 might have been better, it's POTENT stuff), chopped
2 T butter
3 green onions, sliced
5 eggs (I think Jamie said 3 per person, but maybe his were smaller? 4 would have been good!)
dash salt & pepper (OK, that's not local)
handful of 7 year old cheddar (again, POTENT)
handful of grape tomatoes, chopped

As far as the recipe goes, I cooked the bacon until crispy, added in the butter & onions and cooked for 2 minutes. Then I cooked it as Jamie does, adding the tomatoes in right before folding it:

Now, my omelette was really big, so it took longer to cook through and got a bit brown (yes, my pan is bigger than Jamie's). Also, it was a bit harder to fold:

But it was still delicious! To make it a meal, we paired it with a Greek salad (all the ingredients except those in the dressing and the olives were local, too!):

A pretty nice plate of food, all around:

I'm looking forward to seeing what's on tap next Friday (although, with the Frolic on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday, it probably won't get cooked on the weekend here).