May Club: Fisherman's Bastion

It's officially May club day, although if you've read the posts in the Ravelry group you know that this month's fiber will be late due to dyer error (but the yarn is right on time).


I will admit to being especially devious this month with my hints in the Ravelry group. I mentioned that it would be based on Catt's heritage (and everyone knows she's from Newfoundland) and a fisherman's hangout. But although Catt is indeed from Newfoundland, her heritage is Hungarian!

So this picture is of the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. It’s on Castle Hill--in the middle ages, the fish market was located below the castle, and the fisherman were responsible for guarding the castle. So yes, a fisherman’s hangout--but not the kind you were probably expecting. :-) All of the structures there today are relatively modern construction--built in 1896 for the millennial celebrations in Hungary.

When we stayed in Budapest last year, our hotel was located almost directly underneath the bastion. I went back and forth on picking this month’s picture, because the view from our hotel room was in the other direction--the Hungarian Parliament--but I thought the pictures of the Castle Hill area were more striking. Here’s a few other angles:

The redyed fiber is on the drying rack, and it does have more of the dark tones now--but also still hints of green, so I think it more accurately matches this picture, whereas the yarn probably goes with the picture below:


Next month the fiber and yarn bases will be a very close match to each other, so I’m expecting the fiber and yarn colours to be a near match. We’ll see what happens! Now I just have to pick a picture. :-)

Also, for those wondering about the Frolic--it went amazingly well, and I do have a few pictures to blog. Later today or tomorrow I expect to share those with you! :-)