And the winner is...

...Heather! Congratulations! I'll be in touch with you shortly about your gift certificate! :-)

I took the simplest possible approach I could think of to fairly select a random winner--there were 13 comments with suggestions (each from a unique individual), so I went to a random number generator and entered in 1 & 13 as my parameters. Here's the result:


So, I went back to the comments & counted down to the 6th one = Heather!

Now, as far as the names go--I will definitely be using some of them for the fibres posted, and will also be using a few as inspiration for future colourways. So many of you may recognize your ideas in upcoming shop updates! :-) I really loved all the ideas, and I thank you all for participating. :-)


Jane Sr. said…
Yay, Congrats Heather!!!

I can't wait to see what names you pick for yours yarns!