July Club: Purple Peony

July yarn & fibre are ready a few days early, so here's a sneak peek at the inspiration! This month, I took a break from using my travel photos mostly because I wanted to use a colour palette that I couldn't find in any of my photos!

I really wanted to do something in keeping with the time of year--4th of July & Canada Day--but I also was itching to do a colourway that included purple! Then I realized that fireworks come in all colours, of course, so that was the perfect image. The hint I gave in the Ravelry group was "patriotic peony," just to make everyone think a little--peony is a style of fireworks, and one of the more common ones in use.

So this month's colour is "Purple Peony", inspired by this fabulous photo from my friend Heather, taken at the fireworks display this year in Cambridge (Ontario):


Anonymous said…
I would love to see a photo of the yarn!
Jane Sr. said…
That's awesome!! I can't wait to see the yarn that you dyed using that as an example!