Another place to shop!

OK, I've been really quiet on here lately--a lot of that has been being crazy busy getting ready for the Woodstock Fleece Festival last weekend. Now I'm recovering from that, and trying out some new things for my business. One of them is opening a new shop on ArtFire!

The Etsy shop is still open and active as well, so you can shop from either one for now. Eventually, I will probably just choose one so it's simpler for everyone--but I didn't want to move over to ArtFire completely until I know it will work. So far, it seems to be a great place--there's a lot of learning to do, but as a seller it allows me to save money and brings me some great tools that aren't available on Etsy. It's not as well known as Etsy, but it is growing, and its users seem very happy with it! One other benefit to you: You can shop directly from my blog (I'm adding a tool to do that shortly, if technology cooperates), and you can shop without creating an account there.

I'll be tracking the money I save by switching to ArtFire, because it may allow me to keep prices down. Because I've learned that business insurance for indie dyers in Canada is outrageously expensive (but of course, necessary!), and because one of my suppliers has just notified me of some price increases, I have been pondering needing to raise my prices in the near future. Perhaps moving to ArtFire will allow me to keep these increases to a minimum! (Of course, if you want to avoid them altogether--SHOP NOW!)

Hopefully I'll be back here more regularly over the next little bit, maybe with some pictures of projects to show off. I know the knitting content here has been pretty sparse--I'm working on it, I promise!