December Fibre Club: Holiday Train

Club is back! I'm doing fibre club only right now, because there weren't many takers for yarn. And actually, if you want to see fibre club continue, I need some more subscribers. So, send your friends to the sign-up page!

In the meantime, a lucky few people got in in time to be in the December club, so here's the story behind it.

Last month, I got together with a few good friends in Chicago for the weekend. Our time there happened to coincide with the holiday Parade of Lights. Instead of standing outside in the cold, we were lucky enough to have access to a perfect indoor viewing point on the 4th floor of a building across the street (and the Chicago River) from the parade route.

We got there a bit late, so I didn't have a lot of time to fiddle with my camera and get it set up right, but I quickly snapped on the telephoto lens so I could snap a few good shots of the parade. Right before I got set up, a giant Rudolph balloon went by, but with some serious mishaps. Apparently no one had considered the fact that giant balloons in the Windy City were not an ideal combination. Rudolph went over the guard rail and nearly landed in the river, and those carrying the tethers had to battle to keep him from going in. By the time I got that lens on, they had turned the corner, where he was crashing into a building:

I did catch one of the later balloons going over the guard rail:

This was a Parade of Lights, so there were a few well lit floats and light displays that rolled by. We were all puzzling over this one (it should be noted that the view from the 4th floor window made it completely unclear what this was--everyone peeked through my lens to see what the orange blob was!):
Christmas dragon? I still don't know.

The most clear and most popular light display was the one I chose as this month's club inspiration. The clue I gave was "holiday travel", and here it is:
I thought those fun, bright colours would translate well to fibre, and I think they have. Of course, as always, no spoiler photos of the actual wool here--those will wait for the members to get theirs!

Oh, and one final picture. As soon as the parade ended, fireworks were set off from a barge in the river, right below the window we were watching from. This was a great vantage point for them. Unfortunately, the telephoto lens wasn't really ideal for these shots--but the fireworks started so quickly I didn't get much time to change things around. This was the best shot I was able to get: