February 2011 Club: Damselfish

It's club time again! The hint for February was "Something Fishy," which actually led to some great discussion on Ravelry and some ideas I might just have to steal for the future. But the actual inspiration came from my recent snorkeling excursion in Mexico.

The reef off the coast from Puerto Morelos is a national park in Mexico, and great efforts are now being made to preserve it. As a result, it is one of the healthier reefs in the Caribbean, so we saw lots of coral and lots of fish. Unfortunately, the underwater camera & I didn't get along very well--the biggest problem was my own fault (I forgot that it was on a low light setting from the night before, so most of the shots were quite overexposed in shallow water on a sunny day)! It also was not interested in zooming, and the one time I did try to zoom resulted in the camera shutting down and not restarting for about 45 minutes of the trip, so I missed a lot of shots.

However, I did come away with a few good pictures, and after a bit of editing they're not all bad--I can only imagine how good they would have been if I'd done everything right in the first place! Most of my best shots were of the coral formations, not the fish themselves, but I'm carrying memories around of the really colourful fish we did see, so I used one of those as inspiration. We saw quite a few yellow-tailed damselfish, but the best shot I got of one was this:

Yeah, not so great, considering it's an amazingly beautiful fish--black body with what almost look like blue-green sequins, and a yellow-orange tail. Fortunately, other photographers have had better luck than I did:

So that image was the inspiration for this month's fibre! I hope the club members enjoy it.

Just to prove that I got a few decent shots, I'll go ahead and share a few of the better ones with you, too: