Trying Again

IOWow, three and a half years of silence on the blog...not surprisingly, a lot has changed! I've occasionally thought about posting, but life has gotten in the way. And then today I realized that I have been waiting to have time to do it "right"--organized, with good photos, regular posts, usual categories, etc.

And who has time to wait for perfection? No wonder it never happened. So I'm going to try posting at least occasionally, even if it isn't ideal. I'm guessing it will be similar in content to what the old blog was becoming--kid stuff, with a bit of food and knitting. Kid stuff occupies more time now than the other hobbies, since we have a second in the house. He's nearly brand new still, so time is scarce!

But in the meantime, here's a poorly lit shot of my current knitting project. It is progressing slowly, but one day it will be a (horribly named) Clapo-ktus shawl.