A squishy baby

Since I wrote the previous post, we went back for our regular ortho appointment yesterday, and got great news. The harness has worked even better than expected--on ultrasound they measure what is called the "alpha angle" of the hip to diagnose hip dysplasia. A healthy hip is over 60 degrees, and from what I understand higher is better. M started well under that, and at his last appointment had been just over 60, but our doctor felt like it could be improved a bit more, maybe to 65-70. Yesterday it measured 90 degrees! So at this point, no further treatment is likely for the hips--.there will be x-Ray follow up later on to make sure it's looking good, but if it is we are in the clear.

We had expected to begin casting treatment on the feet yesterday, but instead we were sent home with a completely unrestrained "squishy" little baby! Our doctor feels that a combined approach of casting and stretching may yield the best results, so our homework for this week is to stretch his little feet to try to loosen them up before the casts go on next week. In the meantime we are enjoying extra snuggles, baths, using our cloth diapers, etc. Perhaps we will fit in another trip to the pool! 

M isn't entirely certain about his new floppiness--he had a very rough night last night--but hopefully as his muscles stretch back out he will get used to having full range of motion again. Meanwhile there's always more coffee for mom...