A taste of freedom

Just a quick update since we are in the middle of a busy week, but I know people have been following for news about M. He had his ortho check up Monday, with the expectation of casts for another week and then some time off to stretch his feet.

We got some surprising news, though--no casts! Unfortunately part of the reason for not putting new ones on was that they seemed to be causing him some problems. He had some swelling in his feet and calves, and his knees were a bit stiff. The good news was that his feet seemed to be responding well to stretching, so there is reason to hope that we can get a good correction without the casts.

He now has a whole month without any ortho follow-ups, so we will keep stretching his feet and see if we can get them turned out enough. If we can, he will likely be headed for the boots and bar brace in September (perhaps after a quick outpatient procedure to sever his overly tight Achilles' tendons).

In the meantime there will be lots of baths and pool trips while we get caught up on lost time! The timing has really worked out well, as we are heading on a family vacation soon and will have lots of chances to go swimming. So you may not hear from me for a bit, but hopefully it's because we are busy having fun. And maybe when we come back I will find time to blog about non-medical stuff too!


Fuzzybunny1978 said…
Woo hoo! That's awesome!