Just Keepin' On

Another quick update--I have lots of other things I want to share, but time keeps slipping away from me. I'm hoping November will bring a bit more routine and time to our days, because it's pretty clear October won't!

At any rate, the update on M is there isn't much new news yet. Our primary orthopod referred us to another doctor last week, and he will likely be the one who does the tenotomy to release M's Achilles' tendons and allow his heels to assume a normal position. However, he feels like more progress can be made through casting first, so we are doing at least 2 more casts and will see how things go. He was able to get a much more significant angle of correction in the latest casts, so hopefully he is right and things can still be turned further out, and then once the tendon is snipped the feet will be in the right place.

Our timeline right now is new casts again this Friday, then we are gone for a week so we will have a bit of time out of casts, and then hopefully the tenotomy will be performed before the end of October, with what could be a final cast on after. No one is willing to commit to a timeline, and it's pretty clear that M's case of clubfoot is more significant than typical so they just aren't quite sure what we should expect.

We had anticipated being done with casting and the tenotomy by October, so this is certainly a bit disappointing--but of course, long term, we want it done thoroughly now so it doesn't become a problem later in life. So there isn't much to do except to keep on keepin' on, and hope that we will be moving on soon. I know the brace won't be easy to deal with, but it will mean less frequent doctor's visits and something that will be a constant in our lives rather than weekly change. That is definitely something to look forward to!