Another month of movement

We went back for a quick ortho check up yesterday, and the news was pretty good. There are noticeable improvements in M's strength, circulation, etc, and his feet have not lost any correction in the time out of casts. Given that, the decision was made to not cast him again between now and his surgical appointment (in a month)--instead, we will focus on stretching, massage, and continuing to develop his strength.

The doctor is rooting for good news at the surgical appointment, and still seems hopeful that he might come home without the full body cast. She said that it's possible that what's going on is just that his left leg is a tiny fraction shorter than the right, rather than an actual problem with the joint. We aren't sure yet if that would mean coming home in a hip brace anyway, or nothing at all. And we also aren't sure what she will decide to do with his feet--she may repeat the tenotomy and re-cast them, might just do a few casts, might put him straight into orthotics, etc.

We are still preparing for the possibility of the cast, though, because if it does happen it will mean a lot of changes to day to day life. I've started reading advice from other parents who have been there, and I am so grateful for the information the internet makes available! Things like which high chairs allow room for their turned out legs in the cast, what combinations of clothing can be stretched over it, etc. I will probably refrain from buying too much in advance in case he isn't in casts (having already been burned on buying clothes specifically to fit the foot brace he was sure to be in by Christmas), but I can figure out what to get where in a hurry if we need it, and have the essentials ready to go just in case. (multiple sizes of diapers, apparently--you put a newborn/small sized one inside the cast and a larger sized one outside.)

And we have another appointment this week with his physiotherapist to continue working on accelerating his gross motor development. In the last week we have seen huge progress--he is trying to weight bear and stand up, he kicks from the thigh/knee instead of just from the hip (the casts mean he has very over developed hip flexors, since that was where all leg movement had to originate), and he responds if you tickle his toes. I can't wait to see what's next!