I'm With Her. Will You Join Me?

Yes, I'm bringing politics to my blog. I know you may be sick of it by now--heck, I'm a political junkie and even I probably need a break after the last two weeks. I've maintained this blog off and on through many election cycles but until now have never felt the need to speak out about my politics here--but this year feels different. This blog has been where I share what's important to me and my family, and right now the US election is very high on my list of concerns.

So this is just a heads-up that over the coming weeks this blog will feature political posts mixed in with the medical updates and recipes. There will still be that stuff--I have some awesome pie photos to post, and a neuromuscular consult for M next week--but it won't be JUST that stuff.

To begin, I'm planning several posts about why I enthusiastically support Hillary Clinton and why I think you should too. I know if there are diehard Trump fans reading this I likely won't persuade you. I don't run into a lot of undecideds in my day to day life, but the pollsters tell us there are people out there who haven't made up their minds--so these posts are for them.

Often when I'm talking to my close friends or those on my Facebook feed, I feel like I am talking into an echo chamber. It's not particularly productive to just share these ideas with those who already agree with me, nor is it helpful for me to rant at my computer or TV at home where no one else can hear me. So I'm hoping that by putting these thoughts into a slightly more public sphere, I can reach a new audience.

I welcome suggestions for topics you'd like to see me address, and I welcome constructive, fact-based criticism. Comments will be moderated for name-calling and baseless accusations, so please just don't bother. I'm hoping to get to about one topic per week as time allows, so if you're interested check back every now and then for posts tagged "I'm With Her." Up first will be a discussion of the third party candidates in this election, and why I don't think they are the right choice.